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Takashima Clinic Director, Dr. Masahiro Takashima, is the medical tourism advisor of the Osaka Tourism Board. As the official point of contact, he was the only civilian to take over the role of medical tourism advisor. Takashima Clinic specializes in the treatment of cancer; however as medical tourism advisor, he introduces the appropriate facilities and hospitals for the treatment of diseases other than cancer. This means that all treatments can be received without having to go through the broker of each country.

Dr. Takashima's Profile

・Osaka Tourism Board Medical Tourism Advisor
・Chairman of Cancer Treatment Unit in Louis Pasteur Center for Medical Reseach Japan
・Founding member of Academy Anti-Aging Medicine ・Japan
・Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
・Board of directors, Founding member of Japan Society for the study of Intravenous injection-Therapy
・Board of directors, Founding member of Japan Health Instruction Support System
・Anti-Aging-Alliance Japan Chairman of Osaka Unit
・Chairman of NPO Japan Medical Link

Dr. Masahiro Takashima, Director of Medical Sciences, is an expert with numerous achievements in immunotherapy. From his experiences and achievements, he is taking on an important mission in a wide range of research institutes, administrations and organizations as described in "Activities" below.

In particular, as a medical tourism advisor to the Osaka Tourism Board, it is also focusing on international contributions including medical tourism, as an activity at the Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center, at the Cerebral Cardiovascular Anti Aging Study Group Activities such as activities are highly evaluated, and these research activities are the foundation for further medical development.In particular, as a medical tourism advisor of the Osaka Tourism Board, is putting efforts in international contributions particularly in medical tourism, such as his activities at the Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center and at the Cerebral Cardiovascular Anti Aging Study Group Activities, which have been highly evaluated, and have been the foundation for further medical development.

Patient's voice

55 year-old doctor

I am getting VC therapy and immunotherapy along with my own cancer prevention treatment. I am also using hyperthermia. My marker is falling. Immunotherapy is a method that selectively cultivates what is necessary to oneself, adopts the decision of treatment policy by multiple doctors (cancer board), and is a very rare clinic in Japan. It will show your research results in a paper so that you can show evidence of your treatment and even as a doctor of the same business, you can feel assured that there is evidence of the treatment with a be shown so that it can be quite safe even if you are a doctor of the same business that it is a treatment with evidence.

74 year-old male

My relationship to doctor is through family and it has been over 10 years. We have even gone for a meal together. From early concert detection through genetic testing, he has the latest information and has many choices prepared which it great. In times of need, he has the routes to famous hospitals and in the case that you need to be hospitalized it gives you a peace of mind. For my relative’s cancer, he explained everything so that it was easily understood from the hospital and doctor to the details of the treatment and even made sure to ask about how you felt about the treatment. He is basically a home doctor. My cancer treatment is twice every month and I am getting immunotherapy. Whether I am getting a treatment or speaking with the doctor, it is always a good time. I have been going to see him for over 5 years.

49 year-old female

Uterine cancer surgery, anti-cancer agent, after radiation therapy, I went for a visit with HP and word of mouth, I received a high concentration VC infusion about twice a month. From VC blood concentration check, in addition to periodic diagnosis of cancer markers and diagnostic imaging like PET, he works with partner clinics and accurately makes orders which is very helpful. He also shares the opinions of many doctors and it is very enjoyable. He always interacts with many other doctors at conferences which is again very reassuring.

74 year-old female
I am in the middle of anticancer drug treatment now. I am pleased that side effects are few with VC therapy and immune cell therapy combined. Also, the reduction of my white blood cell count by the anticancer agent is extremely suppressed so treatment is greatly progressed without discontinuation of anticancer drug administration which I am happy about. When the anticancer drug is over, I will continue treatment and I will have a customized treatment regimen for immunotherapy and VC therapy made just for me.

38 year-old female
I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer anticancer drugs, but I have not done surgery yet. After my tumor has become smaller, I plan to have surgery. Treatment is progressing smoothly with VC combination therapy and immunotherapy at the moment. I am hospitalized twice a week. I do not really want surgery, but the doctor says that it is safer to remove the tumor once it has gotten smaller by surgery so I will do what he says. We are like family.

47 year-old female
After completing anticancer drug treatment, I am doing VC therapy but I was concerned about the depilation of the hair in addition to the body. Although it is prevention of recurrence of cancer, I am very satisfied with getting treatment for hair loss as well. My hair is bushy now. I am happy.

Gout 62 year-old male
I have been visiting the hospital since about 10 years ago. I love beer and alcohol. I also love eating and I played rugby as a student so I have been troubled with my metabolism. I am golf mates with the director and when we were in our rounds I heard from him that there is a good treatment for gout and I can reduce the medications. However at first I could not completely trust him on the first visit. I heard that intravenous infusion like chelation seems to reduce the original blood uric acid level of gout and excrete the original purine body that raises its uric acid level. Also, because the cerebral infusion cleans the blood vessels, blood circulation improves, metabolism rises and the medicine works well.

When I actually tried, even if I took medicine (2 tablets of Xylolique 100 mm) I could not cut the uric acid value 8, but after a cerebral blood test 10 times I went down to 5,0 . This was the first time this has happened and I was quite surprised.

Hypertension 72 year-old female

My morning blood pressure started rising since about half a year ago. I went to see the doctor to get a blood test and was told there were no abnormalities so I thought I was healthy and potentially due to age I was not being able to have a deep sleep which I was only concerned about.

In those circumstances, for some reason my blood pressure kept on rising and I was given anti-hypertensive medication but I didn’t want to take it for the rest of my life.

At this clinic, they were giving treatment for quitting blood pressure and cholesterol medication and because I wanted to stop taking the medication, I decided to go for a visit from a friend’s recommendation. In 3 months I no longer needed to drink the blood pressure medication.

I had been doing the chelation drip and taking melatonin supplements as I was told I need to be careful in the winter since there is a possibility that my blood pressure may come up again. However there has been no rise in my blood pressure in the winter and I am not taking any medication now.

The examination itself was a bit strange and the doctor occasionally came to Shinsaibashi to visit us, and says to come by when the opportunity arises but I always go to the hospital every 2 weeks because I feel well as I get drip infusions.

Glycosuria 70 year-old male restaurant chain manager

From my work, I have many opportunities for eating and drinking and have been plagued by diabetes since young age. The drugs and insulin injections increased more and more and I was feeling very much at risk when I accidentally came across the treatment of this clinic while watching TV over 10 years ago. When I got there, I happened to see an acquaintance of mine so I was able to move forward with confidence.

I did a blood vessel cleaning called chelation which is an intravenous drip that excretes unnecessary extra sugar and fat, my blood sugar level went down in no time.

I remember being surprised when I was doing chelation that my blood sugar level dropped so much I became hypoglycemic. From my experience of having treatment for long diabetes, it was the first time that I became hypoglycemia.

Diabetes eventually heard that the blood vessel became terrible, but because this chelation can do the blood vessel cleaning at the same time, the blood sugar level also declined and the blood vessel became clean, I am very satisfied.

Also I have heard that diabetes eventually destroys your blood vessels, but because this chelation can do the blood vessel cleaning at the same time, my blood sugar levels declined and my blood vessels have become clean so I am very satisfied.

Currently, I have been busy but I get chelation done twice every time and have an examination about once every 3 months with follow ups.
(In a similar effect, the American Cardiology Society announced the clinical effect of chelation on diabetic patients in 2012. Not only is chelation and its clinical effects covered in medical journals, but also reported in general media such as in the New York Times and is recognized worldwide).

Cholesterol 62 year-old female

As a company president working in apparel, I go on business trips and attend parties a lot so it is difficult to have any dietary restrictions. When I go to France, there is always food with a lot of oil and my cholesterol as a result goes up but I dislike taking medication and I try to manage it by taking supplements.

Having done chelation 10 times, my total cholesterol dropped from 320 to 240. I want to change my lifestyle and eating habits but without changing them, I was surprised that my cholesterol levels went down.

With the recommendation of the doctor, I am taking the currently popular EPA and vitamin E. Both are nutrients, in other words supplements, so I feel safe taking them.

Right now I am cutting total cholesterol 220 so I not only do chelation, but also regulate my condition while mixing invigorating infusions (contents are changed each time but alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, VC, etc) and going to the hospital once every 2 weeks.

I also like the doctor’s back story on the health industry (like the truth of what they are saying on television) so I request this a lot.

Myocardial infarction, after-effects of cerebral infarction, prevention of relapse, 72 year-old female

When I was 60 years old, I was hospitalized for myocardial infarction and wandered around life and death. I left the hospital a little while ago which is more than 10 years ago, but I heard from a friend that there was a clinic that offered preventive treatment for myocardial infarction so I went with some doubt but I have been going there until today.

Twice every month I am getting chelation drip and VC cancer preventative drip alternatively.

Whether is cleaning my blood and blood vessels, preventing re-infarction, preventing cancer, energy drips, injections for my stiff shoulder (trigger point, acupoint injection), I can depend on my doctor. I can depend on getting an examination any time and I feel so well it feels like I never got a heart infarction.

With the teacher I go golfing with him about twice a year. If there is something he tells me to call him and shared with me his mobile number.

It is a very friendly environment and you don’t feel like you are at a hospital. The place makes you feel you are going there for fun and this is perfect for me.


FAQ for Foreigners Page

Q1: What should I do to receive medical treatment or medical examinations in Japan?
A1: Please contact the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau.
Unlike other countries, foreigners cannot receive medical examination if they visit a hospital i n Japan.
They will need to make a prior reservation when they need to receive treatment for an illness in Japan.

Q2: What are the conditions of receiving medical treatment or medical examinations in Japan?
A2: A reservation must be made beforehand, and there are diet and athletic restrictions before the examination. These restrictions vary depending on the treatment or examination, and explanations are made before every such treatment or examination.

Q3: How many days should a person stay for the first examination?
A3: As the periods vary from approximatedly 1 week to 2~3weeks for results to come out for cancer examinations, we ask anyone receiving medical examinations only to please return to your home country after collection of specimen.

Q4: How many days should a person stay for cancer treatment?
A4: Approximately 1 week~3 months.

Q5: How often should a person visit Japan for cancer treatment?
A5: We ask that people visit once every 3~6 months.

Q6: How many times should a person visit Japan for recurrence prevention treatment?
A6: Our basis of cancer survival rate is 5 years (10 years for breast cancer), so we ask to please v isit Japan once every 3~6 months at least for 5 years.

Q7: How much does it cost for cancer treatment and examinations?
A7: It costs JPY300 thousand~1million for the first examination, and an average of JPY10million, al though treatment costs differ greatly depending on individuals.

Q8: What is the probability of recovery if a person undergoes cancer treatment?
A8: The probability varies greatly depending on how much the cancer is progressing. We let the pa tients know after seeing the examination results upon their visit to the clinic.

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